Let Us Manage NHSN for You.

Secure your connection to the NHSN with EasyReporting. Gapless reporting with a platform you can always count on.

NHSN Updates
Do you lose sleep at night worring about the next big NHSN update? Don't worry! We got you covered. Our expert team of engineers know how to quickly react to any change the NHSN could make. We got it covered so you can't sleep better at night.
Level 3 Access
Have you been waiting to get Level 3 access for like, forever? Yeah, bunch of people are. But no worries, we got you covered. After delegating your facilities to EasyReporting we can report for you.
Some customers submit through their NHSN group. Other customers elect for their facility managers to submit individually. Whatever way your organization is setup, we got you covered.
We take care of of all the required data for you. EasyReporting will seamlessly transmit the following reports directly to the NHSN:
  • POC Test Results (Residents + Staff)
  • Data Report (Weekly)
  • Immunizations