Clean, Accurate Data with no Headache.

We pull data directly from your EHR so you'll never worry about double entry and limit your team's time to stay in compliance.

Resident data is securely pulled out of your EHR on regular intervals. This allows us to see diagnosis information, residing physician, and immunization data. We take a large volume of resident data and crunch it down to the dataset required by the NHSN.
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We pull your resident vaccination data straight from your EHR. We'll calculated all the numbers the NHSN asks for and make sure they are accurate.
No Double Entry
No one likes entering the same resident data over and over. Not to mention, it increases the chances of errors occurring. With EasyReporting, you never have to worry about entereing resident data into your COVID-19 reports.
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Your EHR doesn't contain all the data the NHSN requires, right? We'll implement our own custom UDAs (user defined assessment) into your EHR so your clinical staff can stick with what they know. It's a huge relief your clincial staff won't have to learn new software.
Better Data
Pulling resident data from your EHR is a far-superior method for data collection versus punching numbers into a spreadsheet. Let's give the government the most accurate data we can!