Devices to the Rescue.

Take the data collection burden off of your managers. We'll do it for you so you can rest easy.

Our kiosk is flawlessly integrated with the EasyReporting platform, ensuring a seamless experience. It is the perfect tool for a range of functions, including employee time clock verification. With the Capture Kiosk, managing employee hours becomes an effortless task, ensuring accuracy and accountability.
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Safety & Compliance
In today's world, health and safety are paramount. Our kiosk aids in the collection of vital information such as vaccination status, which is crucial for maintaining a safe environment. Additionally, it comes equipped with a person temperature verification feature, adding an extra layer of health security.
The kiosk excels in monitoring facility access and egress. It's an essential tool for keeping your premises secure and well-managed. Whether it's for employees or residents, the kiosk's check-in and check-out system is both reliable and easy to use.
The kiosk is not just for employees; it's also a visitor management powerhouse. With the ability to print visitor name badges, it ensures a professional and secure welcome for all guests.
Better Data
Allowing EasyReporting to manage your data input and it's accuracy means we can report the most accurate data to the government.