On Nov 23, 2020 the NHSN implemented a new requirement that providers must submit staff test results through the NHNS COVID-19 module.

Thus far we’ve found it best to track this data in an external spreadsheet, then upload it into EasyReporting. To get started, download our Staff Test Results Template. This template is a Google Sheets. You can download the file as a local XLS spreadsheet or save it off as your own Google Sheet.

The fields in our template reflect the required fields from the NHSN. We’ve included data validation on both the template and when you upload your spreadsheet, to ensure the data customers upload matches what the NHSN is expecting. There are three tabs in this template:

  1. Physicians
    When a staff member has a new “ordering physician” be sure to add them to this tab first. Then you can input their first and last name on each of the applicable test results.
  2. Staff
    EasyReporting can work with your IT team to grab a snapshot of your employee data from your HR system (Paycom, ADP, Paycore, onShift) to eliminate duplicative data entry for this portion. However, some employees don’t get entered into HR systems; like temporary employees. This XLS upload empowers you to ensure all your staff are in EasyReporting.
  3. Staff Test Results
    Whether you test staff in-house with a POC device or you outsource your staff testing; there needs to be an entry for every single test. Thus far, customers prefer to enter this information into a spreadsheet and upload it into EasyReporting.

To upload these test results, log into EasyReporting and head to the staff tab under COVID-19. Click the green plus icon, then drag and drop your XLS spreadsheet to upload.