When CMS detects a violation regarding COVID-19 reporting, they will issue an impose letter to each offending facility. This letter shows up as a PDF in your CASPER reports from CMS. EasyReporting can monitor your CMS reports for impose letters related to COVID-19 reporting. We not only ensure you are aware of the letter, but help you appeal it.

In order to activate this feature, you must setup CMS Notification Monitoring.

Here is the support article about submitting a QIES request for third party access. https://qtso.cms.gov/access-forms/mds-corporate-and-third-party-access. You’ll need to follow these steps in order to request QIES access for EasyReporting:


Complete QIES Application

Download our QIES application and fill it out.


Complete Facility List

If you have a considerable amount of facilities QTSO would prefer a CSV of your facilities You can use our QTSO facility template. Fill out the facility template with your facility data and include it your application.


Email QTSO

Compile an email to [email protected] that includes your completed PDF application, your completed facility template CSV and a provider letterhead as an attachment. You should receive a response from them within two business days acknowledging receipt.