Managers Getting Started


User Defined Assessments

To make things easier for your clinical staff, we have installed two user defined assessments within your EHR.

  • COVID Pre-Assessment: This assessment must be completed once a day per resident. If a resident has been diagnosed with COVID-19, you do not need to continue this daily assessment for them.
  • COVID Test Result: This assessment must be completed for every COVID-19 test conducted on a resident.

If you’d like to read more about the two custom UDAs, you can read our help article.


Join Email

To kick things off, check your email for a join email. It should look something like this:


Set Password

Click the green button in the join email and it should take you to EasyReporting, and ask you to set a password:



Once your password is saved, you can login:



This is your COVID-19 Tracking page. You’ll notice on the top right you’ve got Residents, Staff, and Facility data.

Click the plus sign on each record to see the history for that person.


Staff Data

Resident data is easily pulled directly from your EHR. Staff data, however, is a little tricky. Your organization might have the following integrations to help with staff data:

  • Payroll/HR Data Import (to cover Staff biographical data)
  • Outsourced Lab Data Import (to cover outsourced lab resulst)

Whether your organization has these helpful integrations or not, you are still in control of your staff data with EasyReporting. Head over to your COVID Tracking page and click “STAFF”. You should see a green circle in the top right to add Staff data:

This should bring the Staff “Quick Entry” form:

Once you enter one test, this form saves your input values to you don’t have to reenter them everytime. That means the only form element you really need to change is the specific staff for each test. Watch the quick entry in action (no audio):



Click the Facility link in the top right to view your facility page

The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure you set the date and time you last submitted to the NHSN.

You’ll only need to do this once (before your first submission). This helps EasyReporting know the correct reporting window to calculate values.



If you are ready to submit to the NHSN, click the government icon in the left navigation

All your submissions will appear here. The active reporting window will be the top row where you see the green “active” icon:

This is your submission page. These numbers are calculated for you. If you have questions about how a value was calculated you can click the “i” icon next to each number. When you are ready to submit, click the green “Submit to NHSN” button:

That’s it! You’re done!