Bypass SAMS Level 3 Account

You no longer have to attain a SAMS Level 3 account. This isn't such a big benefit if you already have access at your facility, but the real benefit here is that anyone with an EasyReporting account can report for your facility. That means if you want to go on vacation or want to offload NHSN reporting to another staff, it's not difficult at all to set them up in EasyReporting and they are good to go. Having access to the NHSN through EasyReporting gives you flexibility and redundancy.


Friendly Reminders

If EasyReporting doesn't see a surveillance submission and a vaccine submission by Friday at noon, you'll get a friendly email reminder that you need to log in and submit.

Arguably the biggest benefit to using EasyReporting is time. In talking to a potential customer it is very normal to hear a facility manager budget 4 hours (if not the entire day) to wrangling staff data and getting submissions to go through with the NHSN website. Our customers spend 15-20 minutes a week to stay in compliance. Here are few ways EasyReporting saves you time:

Calculations in Submissions

EasyReporting caculates the numbers for you, on both the surveillance and vaccines submission. You get a simple summary screen and all you have to do is click "Submit".

The "i" icon allows you to see which people count toward that number, and you can even click the number and change it if you need to. This workflow saves manager hours every week; the fact that EasyReporting calculates all the hard numbers for you but lets you tweak them before they are transmitted to the NHSN. It is the best of both worlds.


Entering POC Tests

The NHSN form requires you to enter every test individually. This can take hours; especially if you are frequency testing non-vaccinated staff every Monday and Thursday. That's hundreds of POC tests that have to be reported. With our entry form it is as easy as selecting all your staff in the left hand column, and clicking "ADD" and then 98 POC tests are generated and transmitted to the NHSN:


F888 Vaccine Matrix

You've probably been hearing alot about this new incitement tag. This new audit process gives a CMS surveyor a unique view into a blend of resident data and staff data. EasyReporting helps managers defend themselves during an audit. We also have a core report that will print the Vaccine Matrix a surveyor asks for: Instead of spend 2 hours filling this form out by hand, you can click one button to print our Vaccine Matrix, and your done.