Avoid Fines

Our primary goal with EasyReporting, is to help the customer avoid fines. There is the traditional F884, non-reporting tag, but there is also the newly minted F888 incitement tag.

EasyReporting saves our customers thousands of dollars every year by adjusting to regulatory changes and keeping them in compliance.


SAMS Level 3 Account

With EasyReporting, your facility managers no longer have to attain a SAMS Level 3 account. Often times a manager will leave a company and take their SAMS account with them, leaving a reporting void. It's difficult to gain access to your facilty in the NHSN and while that process plays out you'll be racking up fines. We bypass the whole process. With a new hire all they need is an EasyReporting account.

Any "admin" with an EasyReporting account can submit for a facility. This creates flexibility for our customers, and ensures they never miss a submission.



EasyReporting has a wide variety of executive reporting that lets you see your data with a handful of helpful views. Our dahsboard view also gives executives a quick glance of all their facilities status.


Friendly Reminders

On Fridays, EasyReporting will email the managers associated to a facility if it does not detect a vaccine submission or a surveillance submission for the week. It will then email you, the executive, an aggregate list of facilities that are still missing submissions. This gives you clear data to act on before you are fined by CMS.


Saving Time

It is quickly becoming an industry standard to have one or two fulltime, dedicated resources managing your NHSN submissions. EasyReporting alleviates this headache and cuts the time needed by a manager down to 15-20 minutes per week. Take POC test entry for example. These tests have to be entered individually into the NHSN, but with our quick entry form you can add 100 tests in seconds:


F888 Vaccine Matrix

You've probably been hearing alot about this new incitement tag. This new audit process gives a CMS surveyor a unique view into a blend of resident data and staff data. EasyReporting helps managers defend themselves during an audit. We also have a core report that will print the Vaccine Matrix a surveyor asks for: Instead of your facility manager spending 2 hours filling this form out by hand, they can click one button to print their Vaccine Matrix.